Let's be honest.  Most mornings during the week I am not bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I am more along the lines of groggy and cranky.  That's why I was elated when I learned how to make overnight raw oats for breakfast.  Now, every Sunday, I prepare 6 mason jars to use throughout the week between Zach and me for our busier mornings.  You can search raw oats recipes via the internet and everyone's version will have a little twist here and there, but the principles are all the same.  Here is how Zach and I typically make ours:

morning oats



1.     Grab a mason jar (or six)! I prefer mason jars because they are easy to keep on the counter and look better than a stack of mismatched reusable containers.

2.    We keep all of our Raw Oats ingredients in one cabinet so as to make it easy to grab each container as we go.  I am all about ease of assembly and functionality.  Start with ½ cup of organic whole oats.  Your portion preference may be different than ours so give it a few tries.

3.     Add 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp sliced almonds, 1 tbsp dried cranberries, 1 tbsp dried cacao nibs, 1 tbsp coconut flakes, 1 tsp cinnamon

4.     Close up all of your jars until you’re ready to use them.  At this stage Zach and I take a different ‘path’.  The night before I have a super early morning I will add 1 tsp honey, 1 heaping tbsp. of Greek yogurt,  and 1 cup of coconut milk or almond milk (depending on what is available in the fridge).  I get ready for work and grab my oats from the fridge as I’m leaving for work.   Zach, on the other hand, prefers to have his oats hot and boils 1 cup of water and adds 1 tbsp of coconut oil to top it all off.

We aren't nit-picky about following recipes line by line in our home, so don’t worry if you have frozen blueberries instead of dried cranberries.  It’s all about working with the resources available to you.  Having looser guidelines to follow also means you’ll be able to mix it up more and can get as creative as you want.  There are a ton of variations to this.  Let us know how you like yours!


Dry Ingredients (1 serving):

½ cup uncooked organic rolled oats

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tbsp sliced almonds

1 tbsp dried cranberries

1 tbsp dried cacao nibs

1 tbsp coconut flakes

1 tsp cinnamon

Wet ingredients:

1 cup of coconut/almond milk (or water if making hot)

1 tsp honey

1 tbsp Greek yogurt

1 tbsp organic cold pressed coconut oil


1.        Place all dry ingredients in mason jar and secure lid for storage.

2.        Add coconut/almond milk the night BEFORE  and place in the fridge


Boil 1 cup of water for hot oats and add to jar, cover and let sit for a few minutes.

3.        Add optional toppings (honey, granola, Greek yogurt, coconut oil, organic butter… etc.)

4.       Enjoy!