Conceived in Carlsbad, CA. NomNom(OM) is the brainchild of Desi & Zach Bellicini born of their love of food, health, yoga, and adventure. Inspired by multiple influences, Zach & Desi decided to put to use their curiosity and talent so as to pull themselves away from the daily stress of adult life. Having moved from St. Augustine, FL the Bellicini's are determined to not allow common modern stress get in the way of those things that they are passionate about (see above). Through NomNom(OM) Desi & Zach hope to share those places, things, knowledge, and experiences that they find most important with the world.

Zach through Desi's eyes

Zach has always been a passionate person by nature.  Zach puts his heart and soul into everything he does whether it is going on an outdoor adventure or finding the best way to brew the ideal cup of coffee.  Zach's desire for wanting the best in life drives him to go beyond what many people are willing to push for.  His enthusiastic energy constantly draws people into conversation and opens up many more doors for him to explore.  You can often find him seeking more information about the human body and how it functions.  Or climbing things. Anything. Seriously.

Desi: by Zach

Desi is awesome. She is my 'ground'. With, natural beauty, empathy, and adventure in her heart, Desi is a truly wonderful woman. Having roots in Filipino, German, & Texas culture, Desi always knows how to handle a social situation and never fails to amaze me through her natural ability to gain the confidence of everyone. I would not be doing this without her, and I suspect she will be the catalyst for our success. Desi is my best friend and confidant as well as my counselor, CFO, and general activities partner.